Abdul Latif Jameel Outdoor Advertising media offering is focused on ‘unipole’ billboards that deliver big impact compared to the generally smaller signs offered by other vendors. With the company based in Jeddah, our inventory is largely focused on the city where we live and work – so our team is intimately familiar with the product they’re selling. We have approximately 100 signs available – back-lit, front-lit, and now in high-impact digital LED in key locations. Most signs are available on long contracts or as short as a National Day weekend – and ads can be up and running within just a few days of receiving creative work. To check out our highly central Jeddah unipoles, please browse our interactive location map here.

NEW Digital Unipoles

Anticipating the needs of our advertiser and agency customers looking for the creative flexibility and outstanding presentation capability of digital LED, we started introducing large format digital unipoles during 2019. With over 2500 rotations per day, our digital LED signs offer extremely high impact advertising in key locations in Jeddah, with messaging change-out possible in real time – to suit changing market conditions, alternate creative, or the countdown to an event or offer end. Slots can be booked for a minimum of 2 weeks and a maximum of 1 year – pending availability – and creative can be up-and-running within 1 hour of receipt of creative work, either video or static images.

3D Die-Cuts

‘Die-cuts’ not only enlarge the advertising space, they also add significant impact to our large-format unipoles – in a way not possible on smaller outdoor signs. For a minimal additional production charge, creative designs can be expanded to deliver even bigger brand presence.

Location map

Our inventory of ‘unipole’ billboards is scattered across the very centre of Jeddah. To see where, please browse our interactive map to view not only the exact locations of our signs and their reference numbers, but also how a variety of our clients have employed the impact of Abdul Latif Jameel Outdoor Advertising Co.. Just mouse over one of our ‘punch’ logos to see how many signs are at each location, and what the driver’s eye will see. Then click on any sign to enlarge the image, and see where your business or brand belongs!