Abdul Latif Jameel Outdoor Advertising offering is not restricted to ‘unipole’ billboards by any means. We offer high quality signage solutions of all kinds, whether for interior or exterior application – from giant logos applied to tall buildings to small signs in a company’s reception area. And our capability does not stop at production and installation of 5-star standard, we also offer bespoke and practical design to suit the specifics of a particular location or the materials required to be used.

“Our continuous experience with the Abdul Latif Jameel Outdoor team is great. In all of our different types of indoor and outdoor signage, we rely on their professionalism, their high standards and quality of material, also the after sales service.“

Subuh Ahmed, Senior Managing Director, Salem Saleh Babgi

Location map

Our inventory of ‘unipole’ billboards is scattered across the very centre of Jeddah. To see where, please browse our interactive map to view not only the exact locations of our signs and their reference numbers, but also how a variety of our clients have employed the impact of Abdul Latif Jameel Outdoor Advertising Co.. Just mouse over one of our ‘punch’ logos to see how many signs are at each location, and what the driver’s eye will see. Then click on any sign to enlarge the image, and see where your business or brand belongs!